My experience has helped develop my design process.

25 years experience in the media business, with 18 years web experience
Freedom Communications, The Orange County Register,

Graphic design, technical and web design skill sets

California State University, Fullerton
BA: Communications

California State University, Fullerton
Certificate: User Experience and Customer Centered Design

North Orange County Community College District
Certificate: Project Management

1. Define

The kick-off meeting with stakeholders where the project is defined.
I record desires, business goals, scope, restraints and deadlines of the project. I get familiar with the current products, competitors, and team members.

2. Research

Identifying pain points and sweet spots from the user perspective.

First, I match appropriate research techniques with the project, which often include surveys, interviews, usability testing and analytics. I then analyze the data and create insights.

3. Design

Organization, visual design and flow.
The team collaborates using personas to grasp user goals and frustrations and identify logical groupings. Sketch out low-fidelity wireframes of screens to visualize user flow and behavior.

4. Test & Iterate

Identify issues, and tweak design until users validate solution.
Create a prototype and run the design through a usability test. Collect user feedback and make necessary changes. Test again and confirm that the users are happy and pain free, and that the goals have been met.

5. Implement

Design is communicated and implementation starts.
I write specifications, usually including the research, flows and an annotated high-fidelity prototype. I’m responsive to inevitable questions and concerns during development, QA and launch.