The Project

I created a prototype for a mobile application that permitted parents to fill out all the required annual school information for their children.   This was a class prototyping exercise.

I was given these assumptions:

  • By doing many of the tasks online, it would save time, both on the parents and school side, and have a better way of tracking what documents and forms are still outstanding.
  • This would save parent time every school year by editing information that has changed instead of filling out the same information every year.
  • Speeding this process up would ultimately save money.

My Role

As the UX Designer I was given goals and some user research, and I created a user workflow, sketched out the wireframes, created the high-resolution screens and put those into an interactive prototype.

The Challenge

The main challenge would to make the app simple enough where adults with minimal amount of technical experience could figure out what was done and what information was still outstanding.

The app would have to as easy to use as a paper forms.

I had a limited user profile, so had to use the provided assumptions to guide my design process.

The Solution

The screens had to be as simple as possible for any level of user to get through the various screens.

Explainer text is on every screen to help the user along, and each screen is kept to one task to avoid confusion.

We added messaging prompting the user to add missing information.

Sketches of Site Map and User Flow

With the goals and some user information provided, I went to work figuring out how best to layout a simple user flow. I created flows for different tasks.


I created wireframes in Balsamiq detailing specific elements on the screens. This also made it apparent where the flow didn’t work and had to be redone.

High-Resolution Screens

I created these screens in Photoshop, and after a few iterations imported into InVision for the prototype. I had to create menu, modal, search and error screens in this step.


The screens were imported into InVision and I added interactivity to the prototype. There were multiple user flows build into the prototype, depending if you were a new or returning user. Also I built in flows to edit existing information for returning users, or prompting new users to fill out information on current or new students.